Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bring on the squash!

Well, after almost 2 weeks of rice cereal for dinner, we decided it was time for Nathan to move on to the veggiesThis time around, Momma has decided to make our baby food...or at least until she decides she's sick of it.  Although, it is definintely a LOT cheaper than buying the Gerber foods that we used for Brady, which are now selling for about $1.22 for 2 little containers.  For the $2, or however much the squash cost, we got two ice cube trays full!  The website that I have been referencing for the homemade baby food suggests pouring the puree into ice cube trays (as each "cube" is approximately 1oz and 1 serving for baby) and freezing.  After the puree freezes into the cubes, you just pop them out and put them in little ziploc bags and store for later use. 

Here's the squash before: (Why the two separate baking pans, you ask?  Well, my other, larger baking dish is sitting in the fridge with leftovers in it and I was too lazy to clean it up)

and after: (yes, I know my pouring was a bit sloppy, but it tastes the same, nonetheless!)

Nathan getting ready for his first taste

Not too sure about this foreign flavor!

Well, actually, that's pretty good, Momma!

Happy squash eater

So, he'll have squash for dinner a few more nights (just to make sure he tolerates it well enough before moving on)  What to try next??  Maybe sweet potatoes, or peas??


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jke207 said...

Looks like he enjoyed it. He certainly is a good eater.


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