Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween at the Zoo (Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison)

The Henry Vilas Zoo has a Halloween day every year.  Since Brady is young enough to not really know that the long, long, long, long lines are people trying to get candy, we were able to just put the boys in their costumes and walk around and see the animals and other kids in costume.  This year was the first year Brady was able to decide on his own costume and he chose Superman.  Nathan is using the hot dog costume that we bought 2 years ago for Brady's first Halloween.  The weather was great, sunny and about 60 degrees.  Here are some pics of the cutest Superman and Hot dog you will see!  ;) (We did forget to bring Superman's cape, but we'll remember it when he goes trick-or-treating this weekend!)


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Nicole said...

Nathan looks too cute in his hot dog costume. I love Brady's superman costume too! What adorable little ones!


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